3 Step Style Guide

There’s no doubt about it, some people just have that special something that makes them ‘stylish’ – but how do they create such an enviable and personal look? We have written this basic guide for those who would like to develop their own signature style.

Be individual
In order to create your own recognisable style you should feel confident about who you are and what you are about. What do you like? What kind of lifestyle do you have? How do you like to be seen? And how can this be reflected in what you wear?

It’s great to be guided by fashion and to get ideas from those who inspire you – but true style icons are individuals with strong and often larger than life personalities, and they do not imitate. When you have a clear identity that you feel comfortable and confident with, you can start to work on your ‘style’ and experiment with looks that you are drawn to. Try to imagine the ideal you. Think about what you would look like, how you would dress and how this would complement your lifestyle and personality. When you feel that there are strong looks coming through, focus on any overall theme you may notice.

Themes you may notice recurring when you begin to get to know your ‘style self’ may vary greatly, from classic to creative, but in order to develop a recognisable signature look it is best to focus on the strongest elements and try not to include opposing looks. Indeed, though celebrities like Madonna – who constantly reinvent themselves – can become fashion leaders, they do not achieve a style status in the same way as icons like Audrey Hepburn or Jacqueline Kennedy, for example. Hepburn and Kennedy both combined garments to show individuality but they never strayed from their ‘styles’ in favour of fad fashions.

You may have to make a few mistakes on the way, so test run your choices in front of the mirror or even with good friends, in order to refine your look. When you have created a wardrobe that you are positive about, that you relate to and that suits you, wear it with confidence. You won’t convince anyone that you have style if it is spoiled by an apologetic posture or a half-hearted attempt at making a statement.